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Dehydrated Culture Media

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A culture media is a compound material that has nutrients that are essential for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms. Microorganisms will proliferate on its culture medium till they grow and become a visible colony.

The media is categorized into two types, solid and liquid culture.

Culture media is used to grow a range of organisms either in a particular group or to maintain organisms in the culture collection.
Enriched Media – Enrichment media refers to the liquid media that inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria. Enriched media allow the growth of a wide variety of microorganisms. Substances like blood, a serum is added to grow fastidious bacteria. E.g., blood agar, chocolate agar

Selective Media Selective media are used to select for the growth of a particular “selected” microorganism. A hindering substance like antibiotics, dyes, chemicals, alteration to pH, is added to allow the growth of a particular microorganism.

Differential Media These are designed in a way that helps in distinguishing different types of microorganisms based on their colony colour. Some of the substances used in this include MacConkey agar, CLED agar, TCBS agar, XLD agar.

Transport Media This media is used for transporting delicate organisms, which may not survive in the time taken for transporting their specimen. Example -Stuart medium, Buffered glycerol saline.

Anaerobic Media – These media are used to grow anaerobic microorganisms like Thioglycolate broth medium, Robertson’s cooked meat medium