Sterile Dehydrated Culture Media

Sterile Dehydrated Culture Media ( - i r r a d i a t e d )

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Sterilization of culture media receives less attention. There are two types of sterilization processes:

  • High-pressure steam, also known as autoclaving process.
  • Sterilization using irradiation – Gamma Radiation (ionizing radiation)

Bottled media is typically sterilized by autoclaving, whereas, plate media is sterilized by irradiation.

For bottled media sterilization, the culture media is heated between 121-134°C. During this process, the nutrients of the culture media like sugar, minerals, metals, peptides may get destroyed if the heat is too high.

According to Altmann et al. and Bogokowsky, gamma radiation sterilises media in sealed plastic containers conveniently and cost-effectively, eliminating the need to sterilise the media and container separately and lowering the risk of contamination during processing.

These media can be kept for a long period in the laboratory and are always ready to use. Cobalt-60 gamma radiation is usually used as a source for sterilising. Each batch containing Gamma radiation is thoroughly measured using detectors called dosimeters, which enable parametric release

Gamma radiation is usually used for media filling in the pharmaceutical business.

Sterile dehydrated culture media are manufactured under defined production conditions and ease a range of issues in microbiology laboratories, where time, equipment, and skilled staff are in short supply.

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