• Knowing the gram-positive devils of pharma industry
    gram-positive, pharmaceutical microbiology

    Microbial contamination of pharmaceuticals has been posing severe challenges for the researchers & pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout the generations. They lead to greater problems both medically and economically. Contaminations can result in the batch failures as the pathogens breakdown the formulations, affecting the potency, stability and efficacy of the drug....

  • When Coronavirus enters the Human System

    Coronavirus have been making people sick for eons. They are among the many viruses which causes common cold. Although most of its members causes mild symptoms, few of them can lead to serious illnesses & even deaths.
    The coronavirus got its name from its shape that seemed like a reminiscent of a monarch’s crow but were actually it’s spikey proteins. The name...

  • COVID-19: Are you prepared with the right Swabs?

    Proper diagnosis of a disease is only possible when the standard procedure is correctly followed using the right tools. The same thing applies in the case of COVID-19. 

    Viral Transport Kits ...

  • Coronavirus: The family that has Shaken up the world

    Coronavirus has been trending in the news ever since a member of this family has taken over the globe by causing a pandemic situation.

    Viral Transport Kits ...

  • A Nightmare turned into Reality as COVID-19 is declared a Global Pandemic
    Coronavirus, Viral Transport kit, VT Kits

    Whether it is Asia, Europe or North America- Every continent now, seems to be infected with COVID-19.  But what exactly is COVID-19 and how did it come into existence to cause such a mass level destruction.  That is a very interesting question. Isn’t it?

    Beginning with the history, COVID-19 was first reported in the Wuhan city of Hubei province in China. It is a viral...

  • Upgrade to enhanced hemolysis with Sheep Blood Agar plates
    Hemolysis Sheep Blood Agar

    We as a patient are familiar with the word “hemolysis” which ideally means lysis of the erythrocyte, i.e. hemo for Blood and lysis for disintegration of cells. But what most of us don’t know is how these hemolytic reaction studies are being utilized by the doctors to understand the etiology of a disease.

    So today in this article, we will discuss...