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Posted On:03 April 2018

According to a recent news, FDA (Food & Drug Administration) have shut down six packaged water plants that were operating without required licenses. The water testing report for microbial counts is one of the mandatory reports. The Food & Beverage companies must submit this report to procure license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). The report must be compliant with the potable water standard (IS 10500:2012) as prescribed by BIS.

To ensure safe drinking water to people in India, BIS has specified requirements and methods of sampling and testing. Among the mandatory requirements, the standard clearly specifies that the drinking water should be free from biological pathogens.

In broad terms, if a sample of water is found contaminated with pathogens such as Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Vibrio Cholerae (commonly found in water), BIS rules out this sample and source of such sample as unfit for consumption. As a method, the standard suggests that the samples taken from the distribution system including consumers’ premises must be free from coliform organisms. The bacteriological quality of drinking water collected in the distribution system, when tested in accordance with IS 1622 (Methods of sampling and microbiological examination of water) must match the below specifications


In order to detect & enumerate the counts present in the samples, the protocol calls for the use of culture media, with which a microbiological department can monitor & maintain the quality of water to fulfil the guidelines as per BIS.

TM Media, the microbiological division of Titan Biotech Ltd. has a remarkable market presence in more than 75 countries. The 25 years old brand is established by a team of highly- experienced professionals with a passion to push the boundaries of research and development and deliver best quality culture media at competitive price. TM Media’s products are well accepted by the prominent companies in various segments like Food and Beverages, Hospitals, Diagnostic clinics, Municipal and Environmental water treatment plants, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics and Agriculture. The wide range of products is formulated with the state-of-technology to maintain the harmony with International standards as well as ISO, BIS and FSSAI standards for examination of water and waste water.

List of Best- selling & most acceptable Dehydrated Culture Media:

 Nutrient Agar
 MacConkey Broth w/ Neutral Red
 EMB Agar Levine
 Plate Count Agar
 Brilliant Green Bile Broth 2%

*Note: these dehydrated culture media are enlisted in IS 1622:1981.

For the simple and fast detection of bacteria, another widely used culture media is Chromogenic culture media

 Chromogenic Coliform Agar w/ SLS
 Chromogenic E.coli Agar
 Chromogenic Coliform Agar

*By chromogenic culture media, the colonies of specific bacteria are studied by their colour. The detection and identification of microorganisms are more rapid and reliable.

To quicken the process & cut down the whole process of dilution, preparing media, TM Media has introduced Ready to Use kits/ Prepared culture media to provide the right solution for monitoring microbial contamination in water.

Not only cost effective, Ready to use kits are easy to perform, user-friendly for screening tests, low-cost rapid testing kit and best suitable for handling by every microbiologist. For water testing, TM Media provides two kits:

 H2S Test Strip Kit
 PA E.Coli Kit

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