TM Media is the biggest manufacturer & supplier of Biological Media Bases, used as general constituent in various culture media as well as for commercial production of enzymes, vaccines, antibiotics, probiotics and other products.

These constituents are manufactured confined according to specified quality standard guidelines and parameters. TM Media caters Biological Media Bases incorporates limitless assortment of items like: Agar Agar, Bile Salts, Bio Peptone, B. Extract, Brain Heart Infusion Powder, Casein Hydrolysate, Heart Infusion, Liver Extract, Meat Extract, Meat Infusion, Ox Bile, Peptone, Peptone Special, Tryptone, Yeast Extract, Yeast Peptone and many more….

TM Media is also engaged in manufacturing of Vegetable Origin,free from animal-derived components & GMO, Biological Media Bases which are broadly utilized as a part of culture media for development and different purposes. These are excellent source of nutrients (nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, sugars etc.) and are accessible in the accompanying sorts: Veg. Peptone, Veg. Tryptone, Corn Meal Extract, Veg. Yeast Extract, Soyatone, Oat Meal Powder, Veg. Meat Extract, Veg. Meat Infusion, Malt Extract, Veg. Liver Extract, Veg. Heart Infusion, Veg. Brain Heart Infusion Powder, Veg. Biopeptone and many more…..