TM Media Biological indicators India
    FDA and ISO regulated biological indicators are used to monitor Sterilizers established in health care facilities, thus preventing infection and cross-contamination. With the increased usage and growing population, the necessity for Sterilization has grown manifold. Effective infection control is the essential requirement to prevent cross contamination at all levels. There...
  • Everything About Not-so-but-extensively popular Antibiotic Discs
    TM Media antibiotic Sensitivity discs India

    In recent years, there has been a serious outbreaks of infection and increase in morbidity and mortality rate due to rise in drug-resistant bacteria. Although defining the precise public health risk and estimating the increase in costs emergent antibiotic resistance is a serious global problem.

  • The mandatory testing of Drinking Water made easy with TM Media
    TM Media water testing

    According to a recent news, FDA (Food & Drug Administration) have shut down six packaged water plants that were operating without required licenses. The water testing report for microbial counts is one of the mandatory reports. The Food & Beverage companies must submit this report to procure license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards...